Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why didn't I think of that?!

Loving this idea I saw on Chictopia.com. Why not turn your long sleeve button up into a skirt!


1. A symmetrical
1. Get any long sleeved button up shirt. (It’s optimal to get a shirt that’s long and loose.)
2. The head part of the shirt will be your waistline. Wrap the shirt around your hips (with the collar behind, sleeves on the side). As it’s wrapped around your waist/hips, you’ll want to start buttoning up from the bottom of the shirt.
3. As you’re buttoning, instead of doing all the buttons, skip a couple of holes. Then, button as high as you want until the desired length of the skirt.
4. When you’re finished, you’ll discover that one side of your ‘skirt’ is higher than the other. (It’s intentional to look ‘asymmetrical!’)
5. Get your sleeves and tie the knot in the front.
Viola! Instead of just wearing one trend, you’ll be wearing two with this asymmetrical skirt.

Photos & Text found here.

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