Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Twin Cities Store

I think it's time I stop keeping my favorite Twin Cities store all to myself. The wonderful GH2, in NE Minneapolis, is a high-end cosignment store. It has the most amazing selection of used designer pieces that I have ever come across in the area and is the discount store for Gretchen House on 50th and France. So not all the merchandise is used!

Their prices are still a bit steep if you don't hit the store during a sale, so make sure you mark your calendar when the 90% off sales comes around. An easy way to keep track: befriend them on facebook at Gretchen House 2. They host the big sale usually in January and August. I will forever covet my Stella McCartney knit vest that I got during that very sale.

My personal favs about GH2:
  • The new Alexander Wang pieces marked down to sale from Gretchen House.
  • The beautiful consigned Stella McCartney peices scattered throughout the stores middle racks.
  • Amazing consigned handbag collection

My current in-store obsession is the beautiful 3-in-1 Yigal Azrouel carmel leather jacket. See photos below. Just a bit out of my price range right now but you better believe I will be out the first day there is a good sale.

The location is great too, nestled between Parc Boutique, Bone Adventure (awesome pet supply store) and Bibolot. Also, the restaurant a block down are delicious. My personal favs are Ginger Hop and Kramarczuk's Deli.

Let me know what you think if you have a chance to check the store out.
Here's their website for more details.

Photos: Gretchen House 2 on Facebook

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