Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not sure how Macy's is doing it!

In the ever-saturating market of designer diffusion lines, rumor has it Giambattista Valli will be the next fancy designer to announce one of his own. WWD reports in a story eerily titled "Valli of the Malls" that Valli will do a line with Macy's, following the one Karl Lagerfeld's doing for the chain coming out in September. Valli would be the last in this four-designer series, created by Macy's to get teens and fashion people excited about their juniors section. Macy's would not comment on the Valli rumors, but of all the designers who have done diffusion lines, Valli's is particularly hard to imagine since he's known for extravagant, doorway-challenging tulle ball gowns. Of course, the reputations of great designers like Alexander McQueen didn't stop them from doing one-off lines. It feels like luxury labels who haven't done or aren't planning these lines are in the minority. No one from LVMH has done one, at least.

Text & Photo: NY Mag

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