Wednesday, June 29, 2011


To Whose Wedding Would You Rather Go: Kate Moss’s or Charlene Wittstock’s?

To Whose Wedding Would You Rather Go: Kate Moss’s or Charlene Wittstock’s?
Photo: Splash News

Reports of Kate Moss's upcoming wedding waffled between two dates for the official ceremony: this Friday, July 1, or this Saturday, July 2. Apparently the wedding was originally scheduled for July 2, but Kate had to change it because that's when Charlene Wittstock is marrying the Prince of Monaco, in a wedding that will also take three days. They have many overlapping guests, you see, such as Naomi Campbell and Topshop chief Sir Philip Green, who are missing the last two days of Moss's party to go to Charlene's princess wedding.

Now, say Moss didn't move her wedding. Say she and Charlene really were getting married on the same day. Now, say you were someone of importance, like Naomi or Karl Lagerfeld, and had invitations to both and had to choose between the two: Which one would you go to? Each will be extravagant, but in entirely different ways. Kate's is supposedly modeled after a music festival, and will have Kanye West and Snoop Dogg performing, while Charlene's ought to be full of perfect pretty, pretty princess moments, though there will be more pressure for guests to behave themselves there, not only because it's "that kind" of affair but also because pictures of some of it, at least, are going to come out. So are you putting on your pastels, packing Shout wipes, and going to Charlene's — or hiking up your dress, packing Visine, and going to Kate's?

Photo & Text: NY Mag

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