Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brahmin-a cultural person from an upper class family

As a member of the Vogue Influencer Network, I was happily introduced to Brahmin, a family-owned handbag company. I instantly fell in love with my gifted Anytime Tote in Oyster. This classic tote will go on sale this Friday, April 15th and will be available in a vast array of colors--this being one of my favorite things about this company. It truly feels like you are getting a custom designed handbag because they offer so much of a color selection with every single bag.

Anytime Tote in Oyster

After checking out their website, I had already developed a long wish list. Here are a few of my top favs:

Zaino Back Pack  $295
 Lyle Crossbody Tote  $345
Selia Satchel Bag  $325
Allie Rose Crossbody  $195

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